About five years ago Celine Thouin began attending in-person Theology on Tap gatherings at the Church Street Tavern in Burlington, but it was not the Covid-19 pandemic that curtailed her participation: it was starting a family. “I haven’t been able to attend an in-person event in quite a long time mainly because I have little ones to put to bed,” said the parishioner of Ascension Church in Georgia.

So when the pandemic necessitated moving Theology on Tap online, she and her husband could put the children to bed then attend virtually, “which has been a real blessing,” she said.

Theology on Tap is a lecture and discussion series for young adults in their 20s and 30s, single or married. It provides opportunities for young adults to grow in their Catholic faith and meet like-minded people.

According to Bill Gavin, director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries for the Diocese of Burlington, his office’s “biggest success” during the pandemic has been Theology on Tap online; nearly 50 young adults participated in the first one. “We are excited about this prospect moving forward because a challenge with Theology on Tap has been figuring out a way to better reach young adults from all over the state,” he said. “is virtual Theology on Tap is a great way of doing so.”

One of the online Theology on Tap presenters was Father Robert Little who recently presented “Finding God in Times of Isolation and Loneliness.”

About 20 participants gathered on ZOOM, so they could see one another. After he spoke, there was time for questions.

“It is great to see people from all around the state in one place, even if it is online,” he said. “In the busy lives of young people, it is di cult to get people from the same area together on a given night, much less from a large area! is model, though lacking the human interaction we share when we physically gather, allows us to continue to minister in these uncertain times.”
Thouin has attended two online meetings. “These virtual events have been a real blessing for those of us with young families, and I really hope they continue in the future,” she said.

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal helps make Theology on Tap possible. To make a donation, go to bishopsappealvt.org.

For more information on Theology on Tap, go to vermontcatholic.org/ministries-programs/youth-young-adult/

—Originally published in the May 30-June 5, 2020, issue of The Inland See.