A parishioner of Our Lady of the Angels Parish in Randolph is working with her twin sister to promote prayer for a cure for cancer.

Nancy McNally and her sister, Michelle, of Massachusetts, began “Sisters United Against Cancer,” one goal of which is to encourage people to pray the rosary for healing.

“We are promoting prayer, but specifically the rosary as a way to heal. We want people to reach out to Mary always, but especially when they are struggling with illness or fighting cancer,” McNally said. “God is the divine healer, and through Mary we are led to her son Jesus. The rosary is a powerful way to pray as we reflect on the mysteries and connect with Mary during our most vulnerable time.”

They want to rally people around prayer —specifically the rosary — for strength, hope and courage as they undergo medical treatment.

Michelle battled cancer with success 10 years ago, and Nancy was diagnosed and has been battling since 2020.

“We spent years fighting for each other, and we now want to fight for others,” McNally said.

They have created T-shirts with the Blessed Mother holding rosary beads surrounded by the Memorare prayer. Proceeds from their sale will be used for personalized gift boxes for people battling cancer.

“We can do nothing without God, and the way to seek and find true healing, peace and acceptance is through prayer,” McNally said. “I have found the rosary to be the most powerful way to reach Jesus — through His mother. It is a beautiful way to pray, reflect and build a better understanding and true love of Christ through the mysteries.”

She and her husband have prayed the rosary every day for three years, and she said it has strengthened their faith, their prayer life and the love they have for each other: On every ride to chemotherapy and radiation they prayed the rosary and found peace and joy in the commitment to the rosary.

“We all are on different faith journeys, but we know that God is with us always and provides us with the strength we need to carry each cross,” McNally said.

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