Lisa Lamondie-Grenville, superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Burlington, tells the story of a school principal who turns into a “Princessipal,” and the children become princesses and princes.

But it’s more than a story, it’s a book she wrote called “The Princessipal.”

Self-published through in 2017, the book is a way to emphasize the importance of imagination in developing beautiful stories, Lamondie-Grenville said.

“As an elementary school principal, our school won a competitive grant award of $1.5 million to improve our literacy program,” she explained. To help students understand the 90-minute literacy block, she wrote the book and read it to every class — about 420 students on Halloween 2006 dressed as “The Princessipal.”

She worked for the Brasher Falls Central School District, St. Lawrence Elementary School in St. Lawrence County, New York.

Now as superintendent, she has been asked to read the book in a few classrooms in the Diocese and has dressed up as a “mystery reader” to share the joy of reading.

Currently working on a doctorate through McGill University in Montreal, Lamondie-Grenville is donating proceeds of the book for a scholarship fund that she created for students who graduate from the Brasher Falls Central School District. It is awarded to a senior entering the field of education with a demonstrated love for reading.

“The Princessipal” — illustrated by Lamondie-Grenville’s friend, Pat Barker — has 13 pages and retails for $9.99.

It is available in Kindle and soft cover at or