David Young, the Superintendent of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington Catholic schools, announced Dr. Andrew Keough as Rice Memorial High School’s (Rice) permanent principal on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, at Rice’s annual Stunt Nite performance at the Flynn.

“What really distinguishes Dr. Keough as a leader is his passion for putting students first and considering school policy decisions from the student perspective,” said Superintendent Young. “Keough received over 100 hand-written notes from students encouraging him to stay at Rice as the permanent principal.”

Dr. Keough became the interim principal of Rice in July and has swiftly won the respect and trust of students and staff. Dr. Keough has extensive experience with over 20 years in leadership in Boston area public schools. His experience includes serving both as a high school principal (Medfield High School 2003-07, Wellesley High School 2007-14) and a school superintendent (Easton Public Schools 2014-17, Dover Sherborn Regional Schools 2017-2021).

“I am thrilled that Dr. Keough has accepted the principal position,” said Bishop Christopher Coyne. “Our Catholic schools are blessed with strong leadership committed to nurturing our young people to achieve their fullest God-given potential.”

Dr. Keough and David Young are available to answer questions or for an in-person interview upon request.