Community Heroes Week for the St. Michael School Summer Camp in Brattleboro took place June 28-July 2 with 16 children attending.

They learned about different real-life heroes that live/serve in their communities. They read books, had discussions and completed projects/crafts focused on different jobs within the community such as police officers, fire fighters, doctors and nurses, EMTs and other first responders. They learned about safety, tools and gear used by these professionals and what to do if they find themselves in a situation where they need help.

The school offers a preschool summer camp each year to help support preschool families who need summer enrichment for their little ones. It is challenging to find childcare during the summer months for 3-5-year-olds.

Each week is a different theme for the children. Organizers always plan a Community Heroes week just before or after July 4.

This year, two officers spent time with the children indoors first talking about their profession, how they decided to become police officers and answering questions. Afterward they invited the children to come outside for a tour of their cruisers.