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Healing and Support

Helping Heal the Wounds of Abuse Caused by Clerics and other Church Personnel

Fulfilling our “Pledge to Heal”

In addition to focusing on child abuse prevention, the Diocese of Burlington also strives to provide healing to those who experienced abuse by clerics or other Church personnel. We pledge to help heal the wounds created by abuse, and we work to ensure that such abuses never again occur in the Catholic Church by implementing policies designed to keep our most vulnerable populations safe.

The Victim Advocacy Group

To provide support to individuals who were abused by clerics or other Church personnel, the diocese established the Victim Advocacy Group in 2003 with the specific mission of aiding in the healing process for those who have been harmed. The Victim Advocacy Group strives to provide timely assistance to individuals who have been abused by Church personnel, and all information shared with the Victim Advocacy Group is strictly confidential.

To contact, please call 1-866-485-2488

The Victim Advocacy Group is available to help you or anyone who has been abused or victimized by someone representing the Catholic Church. The Victim Advocacy Group will listen to you, offer support, help you make a formal complaint, and arrange any desired meetings with representatives or delegates of the Catholic Church. We welcome you to come forward and speak out.

The Victim Advocacy Group, in conjunction with the Office of Safe Environment Programs, helps facilitate healing by:

  • listening to an individual’s story;
  • providing counseling referrals;
  • guiding individuals through the reporting process;
  • supporting affected family members and friends; and
  • by promoting prayer opportunities throughout the Diocese to support those who may be struggling.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

The month of April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The Diocese of Burlington recognizes the month by offering opportunities for healing and prayer directed toward those who have experienced abuse while under the care of the Catholic Church. As the month of April approaches, please refer to the event calendar to learn more about what the Diocese is doing to commemorate National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Beyond the month of April, we ask that you remember to pray for individuals who have suffered or are currently suffering from abuse or neglect by clerics or otherwise. We pray that they may receive loving support from those around them, and we pray that they may they find peace in God’s love, comfort and grace.

Resources to Promote Healing