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Year of St. Joseph


A statue of St. Joseph from St. Andrew in Waterbury.

“On Dec. 8, 2020 Pope Francis declared a “Year of St. Joseph” to commemorate the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph being named patron of the Universal Church. The year began that day and will end this year on Dec. 8, 2021. Love and devotion to St. Joseph are particularly close to us here in the Diocese of Burlington as our cathedral is named for him and places us under his protection. There is much to consider and ponder concerning St. Joseph and his importance to the Church. Much will be offered for our devotion to him during this patronal year  St. Joseph, patron of the Church, pray for us.” – Bishop Christopher Coyne


Prayer to St. Joseph
by Msgr. John Lynch


O good St. Joseph, in your name we ask for grace and light to live a better life each day by doing what is right. inspire us to holiness and virtue unashamed. Instill in us the zeal with which your spirit is inflamed. Watch over us in happiness and when our hopes are dim. Protect us from all harm and hurt as you protected Him. O good and kind St. Joseph, be our foster-father, too and let us bring our problems and our troubled hearts to you. Teach us to work for Jesus Christ with every deed and breath. Help us to live a holy life and die a happy death.





Year of St. Joseph Initiatives & Stories

In honor of St. Joseph, the St. Joseph the Provider Initiative was created to increase the Catholic Church’s capacity to feed the hungry in Vermont in response to the increasing need due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn more about this initiative here.
What is it about St. Joseph that continues to draw people?  Nary a word of his is recorded in Scripture, and yet he was an essential part of the story of salvation.  We do not know when or how he died, and yet he continues to be present to the world.  We can hear St. Andre Bessette’s continuous mantra to all who shared their troubles with him, “Go to Joseph.” Read the full article.
St. Joseph was chosen to teach Jesus, in His humanity, how to be a good man.​ God put good, courageous men in my life. It is because of these good men, their example, their protection, their courage and their love that I am your respect life coordinator and a lost lamb no more. Read the full article

St. Joseph Gallery

Find photos of St. Joseph from parishes throughout the Diocese.

Send your photos of St. Joseph to amasker@vermontcatholic.org to be featured in the gallery.



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