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Feed the Hungry

“St. Joseph has the power to assist us in all causes, in every necessity, in every undertaking.”
— St. Thomas Aquinas

A message from Bishop Christopher Coyne

Due to the pandemic, nearly 30 percent of Vermonters have been experiencing food insecurity since March 2020. I began the St. Joseph the Provider Feed the Hungry Initiative to harness the goodwill of the Catholic community through our 68 parishes to increase food donations and volunteer capacity at food shelves throughout the state so no one goes hungry. Together, the Catholic community can make a huge difference and answer the call to care for the most vulnerable among us.
We are inviting Catholics to join the St. Joseph the Provider Feed the Hungry Initiative and participate in three ways, as outlined below. Click to join the St. Joseph the Provider Feed the Hungry Initiative and receive regular email updates with inspiration, prayer, volunteer opportunities, food donation needs and stories about how Catholics around the diocese are pitching in to alleviate hunger in Vermont.


Please pray the St. Joseph the Provider prayer daily.

Prayer to St. Joseph the Provider

Joseph, with Jesus and Mary, you knew hunger, uncertainty and illness.
You turned your heart to God to lift up your needs and provide for your family.
In faith you accepted the Father’s response as events unfolded.
Be with us today as we offer our intercessions
to the Father.
Blessed Joseph, let us recognize God’s will
as we open our hands to accept what God bestows in loving kindness.
With tenderness, God fills creation with life and love, with the bounty and fruitfulness that nourishes us physically and spiritually.
Open our eyes to the wonders that God works without ceasing and help us to be attentive to how we use God’s gifts, especially as we serve the poor and hungry.
Let us learn the true work of the disciple of Christ, which you were, as we discover within ourselves the lowly ones that God commends. Amen.

— Paraphrased from a prayer of the
Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal, Quebec.


Click to learn more about the three volunteer opportunities at the Vermont Foodbank or find your local parish partnership on the map. Covid-19 CDC precautions are followed for all volunteer opportunities.
  • VeggieVanGo
    Monthly fresh produce distribution
    events throughout the state. Volunteers needed for all aspects of the set-up and produce distribution.
  • Food Distribution — Driver Delivery Services
    Delivery of food to homebound individuals and individuals who cannot drive to a food pantry/shelf.
  • Garden Harvesting
    Spring, summer and fall harvesting of fresh vegetables for distribution at VeggieVanGo events and other locations.
  • Parish Food Shelf Partnership (See Map)
    Volunteer at your local community food shelf or parish-operated food shelf. Local opportunities can be found on your parish website or on the map.



Nearly all 68 parishes in Vermont have adopted a local food shelf or operate their own food shelf or distribute food locally. Find your parish partner on the map.  To learn about the needs of your local food shelf partner and how you can get involved, visit your parish website or local food shelf partner.
Volunteer Contacts
Vermont Food Bank
Click to visit Vermont Food Bank Volunteer Hub, skip the join code, and fill out a volunteer application. Once processed and approved, volunteers will be able to see the events calendar and sign up.
Or contact Kate Steward: 802-477-4121, volunteer@vtfoodbank.org.
Parish Food Shelf Partnership
Visit your parish website or find your parish partner food shelf on the map.

Find your parish food shelf partnership on the map or click Parish Food Shelf Partners to view a list.