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Criteria and Guidelines

To be eligible for the Bishop deGoesbriand Appeal for Human Advancement funds, an organization must satisfy ALL the following criteria and guidelines. Please bear in mind that because the Bishop deGoesbriand Appeal for Human Advancement has limited financial resources available for grant making, eligibility does not guarantee funding. 

The applicant should seek to affect the root causes of poverty in their community; involve actual participation and/or input of the people served in the planning and decision making of the sponsoring organization; and conform to the principles of Catholic Social teaching, namely that, in concert with other beliefs, a reverence for life from the moment of conception until natural death and a respect for the dignity of the human person serves as the foundation of all social services.

Please carefully read the criteria and guidelines that follow.



1.  The organization’s efforts must benefit individuals or families whose
     genuine need for assistance, due to poverty or some other important
     unmet need, is recognized by the social justice concerns of the Catholic Church.

2.  The organization should demonstrate the ability to carry out
     the proposed work and sustainability of the organization.

3.  The organization should demonstrate a clear vision for development
     of financial capacity that might include membership dues, grassroots
     fundraising, foundation and/or corporate support and grant writing efforts beyond this grant.

4.  Organizations must be fully non-partisan when engaging in political activities.
     Organizations engaged in partisan political activity are not eligible.



1.  The need for the project must be demonstrated.

2.  The proposal must have clearly–stated goals, and a feasible plan for achieving them.

3.  The values upon which the proposed and the sponsoring organization
     are based must be compatible with Catholic belief and teachings.

4.  The sponsoring organization (ordinarily) must be Vermont based
     and have the ability to carry out the proposed work.

5.  Projects in need of start-up funding are given priority.

6.  Parish projects and Church-related institutions are given priority.

7.  All projects funded must submit an accountability report by December 31.

8.  No projects will be considered for RENEWAL unless the
     accountability report has been received by December 31st.

9.   Applicants seeking “seed money” or “matching money” will also be considered.
      In requesting “seed money” or “matching money,” applicants should present
      positive documentation that other public and/or private sources will commit
      their funds to support the organization’s efforts.


Organizations not meeting the Bishop deGoesbriand Appeal for Human Advancement Criteria and/or Guidelines

The following general classifications do not meet the Bishop deGoesbriand Appeal for Human Advancement criteria and/or guidelines:

1.  Organizations controlled by governmental (federal, state, local), and/or educational bodies.

2.  Research projects, surveys, planning and feasibility studies, etc.

3.  Individually owned, for-profit businesses.

4.  Organizations that would use the Bishop deGoesbriand Appeal for
     Human Advancement money for re-granting purposes or to fund other organizations.


Application Deadline: February 1, 2017

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