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Priest Benefit Retirement Fund

What is the priest Benefit Retirement Fund?

The Priests' Benefit Retirement Fund was originally established in the 1950's to provide a retirement pension for senior priests, as well as for the healthcare expenses of the priests of the Diocese of Burlington

Who does it benefit?
The Priests' Benefit Retirement Fund benefits are intended for diocesan priests who are incardinated into the Diocese and belong to the Priests' Benefit Retirement Fund

What are our goals for the fund?
The Fund's goal is to cover its' pension liability to the retired priests, enabling them to live their senior years with a suitable income, not contingent upon having to do supplemental work, as many of them are unable to do so because of health issues.

What can you do to help?
Bishop Salvatore R. Matano established the annual collection for the Priests' Benefit Retirement Fund as a way for the faithful of the diocese to contribute toward their parish priests' pension in gratitude for the priestly ministry rendered by these dedicated priests to the faithful whom they served in parishes and continue to serve in sacramental ministry. The Priests' Benefit Fund needs generous gifts to cover the future liability and to cover the pensions of the senior priests into the future.

Annual Second Collection
held the last weekend in October

Donations can also be made directly to the:
Priests' Benefit Fund Trust
55 Joy Drive, South Burlington, VT 50403

Bequests are also very welcomed.

For additional information, contact:
PBF administrator at 802-658-1338 or E-mail here.

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55 Joy Drive - South Burlington, VT 05403
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Contact Numbers:
Telephone: 802-658-6110

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